How to look beyond the surface?

Be it, people, profession or passion, without depth, everything feels empty. We are here searching for meaning, and without connecting to something, being passionate about something, we’ll waste the precious limited time we have here. Continue reading How to look beyond the surface?

Can we skip to the good part?

If you’re not living under a rock, you might have seen reels on this song where people transition from an untidy room in pyjamas to a lavish location in Hawaii or Goa for some reason. Or they sleep on their bed but wake up in a 5-star hotel room with 10 cuisine breakfast that they can’t even pronounce.

Skipping to the good part is like magic. It looks good, we’re impressed but it’s an illusion. An illusion of perfection. Continue reading Can we skip to the good part?

A meaning for everything?

Just like any other 24 year old, the feeling of being confused unites us like the opposite poles of a magnet. Many of my days are spent thinking about what am I even doing. 

Sometimes when I get time with my thoughts, I think about exploring and doing all the things in the world in the least time possible. Thats what capitalism does, make you feel kind of worthless for not knowing enough, not doing enough, not exploring enough. It’s never enough.  Continue reading A meaning for everything?


What it takes,to be content,in your own company?when did solitudebecome so repulsive? Everyone striving,to be with someone,a lost puzzle piece,trying to find a perfect place to fit in.  We are told that there is someone out there for everyone and one thing What we’re pretty good at, is being hopeful.  Hopeful of a marvelous future. Our daydreaming never sees the end of the tunnel. The quest … Continue reading Solitude