12 things 2021 taught me (or us)

2021 for most of us, was like a cute puppy that we brought home expecting we’d put Instagram posts about it, earn a shit amount of money and followers. But before you knew it, that puppy was eating your expensive dress, pooping on your carpet and not listening to you like your friends. Continue reading 12 things 2021 taught me (or us)

The confidence paradox

The confidence. Or lack thereof. People with half-truths are far more confident than those aware of all the sides of a story. What mind trick is it? Or is it something natural? As my favorite quote goes, “fools and fanatics are always so confident of themselves and wise people so full of doubts.” You must have seen online when something controversial happens; the netizens prepare … Continue reading The confidence paradox


What it takes,to be content,in your own company?when did solitudebecome so repulsive? Everyone striving,to be with someone,a lost puzzle piece,trying to find a perfect place to fit in.  We are told that there is someone out there for everyone and one thing What we’re pretty good at, is being hopeful.  Hopeful of a marvelous future. Our daydreaming never sees the end of the tunnel. The quest … Continue reading Solitude