It’s easy

I will start with a story. 'Cause everyone loves a goddamn story, no? So, I was in a park, minding my own business like usual. There were a few volunteers who were picking out the plastic wrappers and bottles from the park and then, there were 3 men in their late forties or early fifties.... Continue Reading →


She is picturesque, like a graceful waterfall, flowing silently, and spectacularly, Unless she is pushed to the edge, when she becomes thunderous, and destroys everything pretty violently.

The night can wait

These empty thoughts Feels good right now, Don’t want to leave It on the fate, Not trying to cling to them, Only experiencing a Delight, In morning they’ll leave, So the night can wait.

Fight or Flight.

There happen to be many times in life when we hold on to something or some people even when we should let it go. It’s a messy part where we have to decide what to let go and what to hold on. It requires individual decision making power and its more of a subjective knowledge.... Continue Reading →

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