How to not be repulsive to change

A massive chunk of the population is reluctant to change. 

These people resist switching jobs, changing cities, dumping that toxic partner, and changing the sofa after it’s been broken five times because they had steamy pillow fights on it, which still reminds them of their golden days. 

They repel change; they resist change and run away from it.  Continue reading How to not be repulsive to change

The simplicity of the beginning

There’s this amazing phenomenon where everything initially is so simple. When you were a kid, things were simple. When you got to know someone for the first time, they were so simple. The lack of layers of the experience or the person makes everything pretty new and simple.  Like when the construction of a skyscraper begins, you could see when the foundation is laid. But … Continue reading The simplicity of the beginning

Broken perfectionism

To have it all,  in the first go, to get disappointed, when someone says no, we’re used to seeing others’ high, we only focus on our low, they were an amateur, before they were a pro, a thousand torn up dreams, before there was one to show, it takes a lot to be a sound, in the chaos of the echo. Picture credits – Continue reading Broken perfectionism

2020… the growth year.

If 2020 was a movie, it’d be a dull and unpleasant one to watch. It’s a rare happening where the whole humankind suffers at the same time. Everyone going through some kind of discomfort, together. We’re still midway through the year & it has been no less than a roller coaster ride. There have been all kinds of dreadful events. Be it national issues or … Continue reading 2020… the growth year.

How we try to take control of the situation and are not always good at it.

As we are in the midst of a once-in-a-century crisis, one thing it should do is, it should make us question more. It should make us question what are we and what have we done? Have we made any judgment giving it a single thought or are we doing everything mindlessly? One thing about critical times is that it reflects upon us. It provides us … Continue reading How we try to take control of the situation and are not always good at it.

मैं बस आज में रहता हूँ

कल की परछाई को छोड़ कर पीछे,

हो जाऊँ आज़ाद उससे जो मुझे खींचे,

ऐसे दीनों में मैं ज़्यादा खुश रहता हूँ,

मैं बस आज में रहता हूँ। Continue reading मैं बस आज में रहता हूँ

Hope is our only choice.

Since the circumstances are this much miserable; it is principal that we don’t create more problems than we already have. Between the fear of damaging our physical health by being a sluggish lad and the rise of our inner MasterChef during this period who frequently cooks and rarely exercises, it’s essential to keep in check that mental health graph too. No, I will not tell … Continue reading Hope is our only choice.