Let things flow

The more pressure we apply, weaker and frail things get. Sometimes its okay to leave things for a while as they are, it’s not the end of the world, and it won’t be. … More Let things flow


Fight or Flight.

There happen to be many times in life when we hold on to something or some people even when we should let it go. It’s a messy part where we have to decide what to let go and what to hold on. It requires individual decision making power and its more of a subjective knowledge. … More Fight or Flight.

Comparison is the best way to kill one’s individuality.

We’re in a time where we compare ourselves to others having a better lifestyle than us, living a happier life than us. Is it a healthy thing to do? Will it lead us somewhere better? NO. It’s making us hollow beings. Living without the feeling of self-satisfaction is the worst way to live, when you … More Comparison is the best way to kill one’s individuality.

Something you found

Our life is mostly spent in finding things. Not always it will be something fancy or luxurious, it may be valuable or something practical and not dreamy. Not always it will be materialistic, it maybe a person, a reality of yours or something you did not want to know. You will find things, sometimes expected, … More Something you found

Who am I?

We sometimes underestimate our ability to work and do stuff, to handle important matters, which is erroneous. No one is stronger than you. You are your in charge. Only you can make yourself happy and your happiness is in your hands. You don’t have to be dependent on anyone for your contentment. If you do, … More Who am I?

The undiscovered layer

Layers They say they don’t, but they do have, An undiscovered layer, The side that is concealed under the surface is, An undiscovered layer, The face that has no resemblance to the real one is, An undiscovered layer, Politeness covered in hatred, attitude, screaming is, An undiscovered layer, It’s something even the person is not … More The undiscovered layer