Whoever isn’t in a cage is free, You can stroll, fly or go deep down in the sea, Being in limits is never a choice, Curtailment never made moments of joys.   Being a slave is not the alternative, Say no; break the rules, no need to be cooperative. Great brains have never achieved in … More FREEDOM

The undiscovered layer

Layers They say they don’t, but they do have, An undiscovered layer, The side that is concealed under the surface is, An undiscovered layer, The face that has no resemblance to the real one is, An undiscovered layer, Politeness covered in hatred, attitude, screaming is, An undiscovered layer, It’s something even the person is not … More The undiscovered layer


Burn Desirous eyes focused on one goal to achieve, Some made fun of her, some were ready to believe, Thought of being an entrepreneur brought criticism to her, She had the skills up her sleeve, She worked harder and harder to reach the goal, But her parents were unable to understand her soul, The society … More THE BURNING DESIRE.