How to tell good stories?

He also said we should be more compassionate (or even pitiful) towards people whose actions go wrong. Tragedy reminds us we are not protected by some walls and keeps us to the ground. Our happy emotions make us fly, but Tragedy brings us to the ground.  Continue reading How to tell good stories?

A meaning for everything?

Just like any other 24 year old, the feeling of being confused unites us like the opposite poles of a magnet. Many of my days are spent thinking about what am I even doing. 

Sometimes when I get time with my thoughts, I think about exploring and doing all the things in the world in the least time possible. Thats what capitalism does, make you feel kind of worthless for not knowing enough, not doing enough, not exploring enough. It’s never enough.  Continue reading A meaning for everything?

Will Facebook keep Instagram “Free of charge?”

After seeing Facebook’s empty threats about not keeping their service “free of charge”, I took a random poll on my account asking people if they’ll be willing to pay if Instagram became subscription-based like Spotify or Netflix or any other software service nowadays. And it didn’t come as a surprise to me, but all of them, including me, will leave Instagram if it became a … Continue reading Will Facebook keep Instagram “Free of charge?”


What it takes,to be content,in your own company?when did solitudebecome so repulsive? Everyone striving,to be with someone,a lost puzzle piece,trying to find a perfect place to fit in.  We are told that there is someone out there for everyone and one thing What we’re pretty good at, is being hopeful.  Hopeful of a marvelous future. Our daydreaming never sees the end of the tunnel. The quest … Continue reading Solitude


If you’re the one,standing in your own way, how would you move forward? Sometimes you’re the one blocking yourself from pursuing something you want. Maybe not intentionally, but your fears, anxiety and past experiences halts you in the marathon of learning and growing.  What can you do?  1. Have a day to yourself and think profoundly about what’s stopping you.🌟 2. Talk to someone you trust. … Continue reading Forward