The night can wait

These empty thoughts Feels good right now, Don’t want to leave It on the fate, Not trying to cling to them, Only experiencing a Delight, In morning they’ll leave, So the night can wait.

The window

At home staring at the window seeming pacific on the surface. Inside, wanting to sprint through the countries and never coming back.


A million thoughts, craving to be told, expressed, understood, when they asked, what are you thinking, there, I just stood, thought, would it bring any good?

The morning after

SHORT STORY - 20 MINUTES READ It was a chilly winter morning of December 2014 when David’s father couldn’t find his gloves and came to his son’s room to get it from his drawer. He opened the cupboard and at the back of the drawer, he found a 9mm pistol and was startled. He couldn’t... Continue Reading →

Pour it on me

If it's blazing sun, take me to the beach,if it rain, just pour it on me,autumn is there to teach something,when you'll fall, you'll stand again and see.

Being perfect

I believe we’re in a doomed time where for us, perfection is the new normal. We won’t be and take anything less than a 100 percent. Anything slighter than that and it’s not even worth it.

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