Welcome to The Noticeable,

I started this blog in 2016 as an experiment because I used to write in my journal (which I still do) but wanted to publish my thoughts build an audience that connects with my writing. 

This is the page where I can be me, and you can join in on my journey. I will be as candid as I can be. You’ll get to know about my personal opinions regarding things in life that often go unnoticed, the places I travel to and abstract thoughts copied directly from my mind and pasted to this blog. 

A veces, voy a escribir en Español también. So come, let’s jump into what life looks like through my eyehole.

Why it’s called The Noticeable?

Well, the original aim was to jot down the details and observations of this world through my lens. Later I developed an interest in storytelling and talk about real things in life (or what felt real to me). 

I consider myself more practical than emotional, and that’s why I usually don’t keep my articles full of fluff and dog references. (Follow me on Instagram to see more of those.)

What this blog is about? 

Over the years it has become a mixed bag of all the thoughts in my head. What will you find on this blog? 
– Articles 
– Relationship guides 
– Poetry
– Short stories
-T ravel experiences 

As I progressed on this journey of expressing my innermost feelings, I spent a year abroad in Almeria, Spain, as an English language ex-pat in a Spanish government school. The year changed me a lot. It taught me things that I wouldn’t have learnt in the comfort of my home, my city and with my family. 

It opened up my eyes, made me more sympathetic and increased my love for travel even more. I’ve written several articles about my experience in Spain and the neighbouring country’s travel stories. 

It has been an incredible journey for six years now and I hope it goes on for another sixty. 

Enjoy, reader!

Where to find me?

Facebook – noticeablesahil28

Snapchat – noticeablesahil

You’re more than welcome to contact me here.

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