5 ways to improve your Spanish and become a pro

1. Content consumption🎙

What’s better than consuming content produced by the natives?

🎥Watch Spanish movies and series: La casa de papel, Valeria, Cable girls, Spanish affair, Spanish affair 2, Ahí te encargo

🎙Podcast: Notes in Spanish, Duolingo Spanish podcast

📄Instagram pages: @spainsays @saturninsta @culturapositiva @365.notas

2. Change your phone’s language to Spanish📱 

This can help you understand the basics of your texts, notifications in Spanish and subconsciously keeps reminding you that you are learning a new language and it’s important to dive deep into it.

3. Use sticky notes 📝

Is there something you want to remember? Paste sticky notes on the wall, on the cupboard or around your cubicle.

Memorising is a short-term solution; you eventually want to understand the concepts so that you don’t waste your time “remembering” them and get rid of the sticky notes. 

4. Communicate more🗣

Find people on Twitter and do a language exchange. If Twitter doesn’t work for you, download Hellotalk, where you can communicate with the natives. 

If you’re learning it from an institution, find people who are good at it and converse more. Find communities. 

Contact me if you want to practice English and have a language exchange.

5. Auxiliar de Conversación🇪🇸

If you’re a graduate, can get an 8+ band in IELTS, then apply for Auxiliar de Conversación program. It is an internship program where you spend a year in Spain, getting paid to teach English as an assistant teacher. 

I did it, and it improved my Spanish in unimaginable ways. When you live among the natives, even if you don’t speak much, just being there and listening to it all the time will eventually help you grasp the nitty-gritty of a language. 

Or if you’ve got the money, spend a few months in Spain and experience the culture primer mano.

Don’t fixate on learning every grammar rule; try to make the flow of a conversation. Read more, listen more, speak more and immerse yourself more.

Photo by Daniel Prado on Unsplash

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