Adulthood roleplaying 

I know I know this sounds like a dirty title but stay with meeee; it’s not. It’ll start to make sense, I promise. We all love to roleplay (no, this is not your Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker moment). This is some other role play. 

We all have an image to maintain, don’t we? 

Some of us are too attached to it that we can do anything to save it. The rest, just like your ex, who said they wanted to focus on their career and find their passion, don’t care about it that much. 

Some of us get mature way before everyone else, and these are the people born in some difficult circumstances. It’s not black and white but more like a spectrum of problems that everyone is on. 

Some are on the extremes, others are in the middle, but everyone has got problems. 

Most things in life can be placed on a spectrum instead of putting them in a definitive bucket of traits and personalities or this and that. Some are more talented than others; some are more irritating and bloodsucking than others. You get the point.

Why did you even come here?

That’s a hard one to answer, but I’ll try my best. 

All our lives are spent trying to figure out the reason why we even came here. We didn’t come here by choice, and at least not our choice. Someone got super emo about not having a baby, and boom, you’re here. Now they don’t have FOMO anymore and you have Pythagoras theorem to understand. 

One thing I do understand is that we didn’t come here just for ourselves. We came here to make a dent in history and to have a purpose that’s bigger than ourselves.

Those who brought us here had no choice as well. Basically, this circus of humanity and life was nobody’s choice, but we still landed here in its 100 millionth season, where we understand nothing and try to figure out our character and the world we’re in. 

The person next to you on the bus is as clueless and lost as you are. Don’t let your brain fool you that your problems are unique; most of them are common and can be talked about in a pretty radical way. Can you hear it? Do you want to know about it? Are you ready to listen to it? By communicating. I know. Shocking. 

People are trying hard to show that they have their shit together, just like most of us pretend to know what we are doing. 

Accepting our vices

It’s a no-brainer that we all have virtues and vices. 

Being confident is considered a virtue. We believe some ‘experts’ who have figured it out are just people who used some tactics or developed enough confidence to project that they know stuff. So most of us spend our lives trying to imitate people’s spirit on the top but rarely do we get there. 

We believe by imitating them; we’ll get their mannerisms and virtues. But virtues aren’t imitated like a bad choreographed dance.

They shine when you accept your vices and move on. By accepting that day drinking is not a virtue. That gives the energy to focus more on your integrity and improve on them. 

We’re all roleplaying, and then we die. We are given a script in our hand from the society about how to play the character of a student, a teacher, a father, a mother, an asshole boss, a nosy wife, an unreliable husband. 

Are we roleplaying? Or is it the only way we know how to live? (I can’t believe I start to question my thoughts mid-writing)

Yes, we are taught a few ways to live, but it’s in our hands to improvise. Always, even if you’re perfect. Haha, damn sure you are. 

So, my perfectionists, this game of roleplaying can get us so far only. No matter what we do, we will make mistakes and sometimes forget our character. A calm mother might storm out for not putting the bottle in the refrigerator, a trustworthy husband might slip on tequila, and a hot girl at a bar and a horrible manager might fake a moment of sympathy. 

So, let’s not be rigid with our scripts and forget our characters. Exploration is the key and hurting other people is not. 

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