A meaning for everything?

Just as I was watching Johnny Harris‘s latest video, I stumbled upon something. So mid- watching, I opened up my notes app and wrote a rough 800 words first draft in 10 minutes because I’ve noticed that inspiration doesn’t come when you want it to, just like a daytime panic attack, it just comes out of nowhere, and then you can’t stop your thoughts. 

What the hell did I even write? What did I stumble upon?

Just like any other 24 year old, the feeling of being confused unites us like the opposite poles of a magnet. Many of my days are spent thinking about what am I even doing. 

Sometimes when I get time with my thoughts, I think about exploring and doing all the things in the world in the least time possible. Thats what capitalism does, make you feel kind of worthless for not knowing enough, not doing enough, not exploring enough. It’s never enough. 

While watching that video, I just had a few thoughts about what everything means and I just started writing, 

What does meaning mean anyway? 

We all have been fed some information since childhood, along with all the greens that we hated. Some of us have learned English as our primary language, some Italian, some Chinese, and so on. 

That’s our upbringing and the meaning that we’ve given to a bunch of characters.

If you try to make an Italian man read Chinese, he’ll probably throw a mouth snacking gnocchi on your face. Or maybe a pizza, based on what you deserve. 

So, what is it that made your face filled with basil pesto and flour? The pale Italian man wasn’t able to find any meaning in the Chinese language and its characters. 

He wasn’t aware of what *insert fuck off in Chinese* means. 

So he’s not able to give meaning to it. 

In the vastness of this Universe, our life is pretty small. The amount of things happening around us all the time is so immense that it’s pretty spectacular that we can even think straight (people putting Oreos in their Maggi, I’m not looking at you).

We all have that 1 kg of the brain and a million thoughts running in it all the time. How could we grasp everything in this world without giving it a little meaning that’ll help us through this colossal pumpkin-sized world? 

Why do we love to give meaning? 

This might be something you already know, but this is how humans operate; they listen to someone else’s opinions, understand it, take a while to comprehend them, and then try to answer them rationally. Haha, I’m kidding; that’s not how it works. 

You share something that means something to you, someone can pretend to listen to it for a while, and after a period, they’re either using it against you or just making fun of you. They listen to reply, not to understand. 

(Oops, I got distracted by my wounds) Moving on… 

We try to give meaning to everything we see. We ask the Universe for some sense when everything feels meaningless. 

We are the experts at making the tiniest things purposeful; the clock shows 11:11, and we take out our wish list asking for a staycation in Miami with ten dogs and lifetime free pizza.

The concepts we understand get the first meaning. Then comes something that’s slightly out of our reach, so we vaguely give it some definition. If something is totally out of our understanding, we’ll be frustrated that we can’t understand it. 

And due to the incomprehensible concepts of the world, we feel lost sometimes. The people around us teach us a few things, but we’re going out, experiencing, and giving meaning to things we see or experiences we live in most of the time. 

Something that has a meaning for you might be meaningless for someone else. 

And that can be applied to all of us. That’s what our life is about. Finding the meaning and purpose of life. Giving your life a sense, even if it’s not the brightest one, because we won’t have any reason to wake up without it. 

Your meaning of life could be helping people in need, while your friend’s meaning of life is just getting high and having occasional meetings with god. 

You won’t get each other because you two have different meanings. 

You might connect on the fact that you both like to help people, but you feel satisfied when you return it instead of taking the money out of a stranger’s wallet, but your friend’s meaning of life is to consume all the opium of the world at once. You don’t connect. 

Someone born in a family where fighting and arguing is like taking oxygen won’t understand someone who has never seen a voice raised in a household. 

Meanings help us navigate. 

We operate on stories, and it’s the fuel for our minds. It gets easier to navigate through the world when there’s a story, a narrative, a meaning behind something. 

Do we have to understand each other’s meanings? I don’t think so. We can try, but it has nothing to do with what’s happening now but more about what’s happening since childhood. The way all of us are brought up. 

It’s not the mountains that make us feel good; it’s the narrative we’ve woven around it. “I like greenery; I like the fresh air. I like the cool weather and how all of it makes me feel.” 

It’s essential to give the correct meanings. I’m not the meaning-giving guru who can teach you how to live a purposeful life. It’s something truly personal, and nobody can teach anyone how to perceive things.

That’s the beauty of humans. And whatever meanings we give to things, it makes sense in our pea-sized heads only. In reality, meanings doesn’t mean anything anyway.

But whatever meaning we give, let’s do it in a way it doesn’t hurt us or someone else. 

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