The simplicity of the beginning

There’s this amazing phenomenon where everything initially is so simple. When you were a kid, things were simple. When you got to know someone for the first time, they were so simple. The lack of layers of the experience or the person makes everything pretty new and simple. 

Like when the construction of a skyscraper begins, you could see when the foundation is laid. But every day new storeys are added, electrical wiring, the network of pipes and water system, each cabin, room, home, office space is added and the building gets taller. It gets more complicated but it starts to take a structure and look like, well, a skyscraper. 

We are living in an era where quantity is appraised more than quality. Knowing a lot of people, having 10 passive incomes, eating maximum burgers in half an hour and getting diarrhoea, being with multiple partners, having multiple hobbies, getting more work done. 

But as layers get added, things start to look beautiful. They can be seen what they are. To ourselves and others. A bond is not meant to stay on the surface and then end. The foundation is not laid just to construct till the first floor. It has to be useable. The bond has to be meaningful. The interest and hobbies should be followed passionately. 

The idea of quantity gives a feeling of achievement because that’s what capitalism teaches, the more the better. Regarding everything. The story of someone travelling to 194 countries is considered more interesting than someone who spends their whole life in one community. 

Some beginnings transform into something beautiful, others can’t bear the external forces and collapses. But the solution is not to sit on the debris and cry about it all your life. You got to move on, you got to clear the debris and start building something new. Something stronger, better and longer-lasting. 

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