Will Facebook keep Instagram “Free of charge?”

After seeing Facebook’s empty threats about not keeping their service “free of charge”, I took a random poll on my account asking people if they’ll be willing to pay if Instagram became subscription-based like Spotify or Netflix or any other software service nowadays.

And it didn’t come as a surprise to me, but all of them, including me, will leave Instagram if it became a paid service. Even though we are still paying for it, just that instead of actual money, we’re paying our data, time, attention, blood group, kidney size, number of rejections faced on the platform and the quality of the poop of our dogs. Man! Sometimes I wonder what Instagram is not collecting.

So, Facebook is being that evil child who steals another kid’s ice cream and when its mom comes, acts as if it was doing some kind of service to the other kid by stealing the ice cream.

I get it, Facebook without being able to track is like Spiderman not being able to stick and climb on walls. Yes, it will affect small businesses and that sucks. I mean no action, no matter how good it is, can make everyone happy. Just like a bar being altruistic and giving everyone 2 beers on the house, there will be a dude pissed and wondering why they’re not giving vodka on the house. I know man, I needed vodka too. Anyway…

It does affect small businesses but the bigger picture is that Facebook is evil. An evil that we all love. Classic humans. Always falling for the toxic, ill-mannered, emotional dirt back whom we know won’t love us back but we are loyal to them anyway. It does sell our data, not only to those small businesses but to people who misuse that data to manipulate our thought process, like with Cambridge Analytica or tracking you to a point where it’s just absurd.

Facebook should remember the WhatsApp fiasco where it just said we’ll collect a shit amount of your data, but your chats will be encrypted. Well, what happened? It didn’t take long enough for Signal to reach 100M+ downloads and 40M+ active users. I’m sure people won’t wait long enough to switch to some other social media platform.
Let’s hope Facebook remains happy with our current data and not try to enter our pockets while it has already entered our soul.

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Image credits – https://www.wsj.com/video/series/joanna-stern-personal-technology/apple-vs-facebook-why-ios-145-started-a-big-tech-fight/1C9C84F2-0F68-45B5-8A4E-ADC6D71EA4E2

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