What it takes,
to be content,
in your own company?
when did solitude
become so repulsive?

Everyone striving,
to be with someone,
a lost puzzle piece,
trying to find a 
perfect place to fit in. 

We are told that there is someone out there for everyone and one thing

We’re pretty good at, is being hopeful. 

Hopeful of a marvellous future. Our daydreaming never sees the end of the tunnel.

The quest for a perfect future where you’re sleeping on a pile of cash, sipping Bahama mama in Bahama (shocking, right?) with your partner who is the perfect definition of perfectionism with a body of a Greek god, sense of humour so amazing that it makes you pee in your pants and humility that even Gandhi couldn’t match. 

But sometimes daydreaming makes our mind so foggy that we don’t realise our reality. I’m not saying it’s impossible to find all the aforementioned qualities in a person, but we tend to struggle during the time we don’t find them and be with them. We forgot that to be happy with someone else, first we need to be happy with ourselves. 

To care for them, love them, we need to do that with ourselves first. 

Until you find that person in your life, make some bad decisions, make new mistakes, take a few risks and learn from all of it. 

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