Finish line

I ran and ran,
until I was
out of breath,
but there was
no finish line in
sight, maybe it
was a blind race
I was put in
by the world

We are told many things about what’s important to us. Sometimes we are given a choice of what to pursue, and other times, it is imposed on us. We are told what is “normal.”

But who decides what’s normal? The concept of normal is as abstract as confetti-farting-beautiful-unicorn.

We gather and process all the information given to us and add our intelligence to it. We either end up loving what we do, or we keep trekking, and the peak of contentment never arrives.

It seems as if we’re about to reach, but we never do.

It’s okay to get away from what doesn’t make you happy. It’s also not advisable to leave the moment problem arrives.

There is a fine line between working hard for something and suffering from burnout.

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