Being perfect

I believe we’re in a doomed time where for us, perfection is the new normal. We won’t be and take anything less than a 100 percent. Anything slighter than that and it’s not even worth it.

Be it the time when we commence to acquire a new skill. We expect we’ll be just perfect in a few tries. When we don’t, we go hard on ourselves because who doesn’t perform on top of their game in a new task? Who is patient enough while learning something new?! Well, shame on us!

Or when it comes to finding a partner, we want them to be “perfect”. As if they’ll be an angel dropped from the dreamland where the fairy tale unicorns themselves have made them for us with no flaws and who’ll fart rose scented confetti. Good luck finding someone like that.

Let’s be real and be a little caring for ourselves and others. If your best friend makes a mistake, you don’t lash out on them. You comfort them that it’s going to be fine and tell them to stay calm. Do that with yourself too. You’ll learn that skill, you’ll find someone flawed and maybe their flaws won’t feel unbearable.
Until then, hang in there.


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