A day in Paris

When is the best time to visit the most romantic city in the world? (Spoiler: not during a pandemic) but that’s what happened, and I ended up in the laps of the Eiffel Tower for a day to catch a flight to New Delhi.

While being in Spain for almost a year and meeting people who told me their experience in Paris, I was exhilarated, curious, and heedful. I heard things like; it’s expensive, overrated, and overcrowded. I didn’t want to be disheartened by this. (I wondered if they knew I am from Delhi, so I can abso-f*king-lutely deal with the crowd.)

As I landed there in the evening, I was awestruck by the majesty of the countryside of Paris. My hotel, The Campanile, was located near the airport; and then Paris being Paris, it cost me €16.50 for an 8-minute cab ride from the airport. It was a relaxing night as being in Madrid all day was somewhat tiresome and I needed energy to explore Paris the next day.


Started my day with flavorsome croissants and 2 cups of coffee and I was ready to conquer the French Capital. The exploration day was here and I had a few places in mind, which by now I believe you know most of them.

As I was looking for the best way to reach the city and that’s where I found a bus stop just outside my hotel. The bus dropped me to GARE RER Roissy Pôle from where I took a one-day transport pass which cost me €17.50. I took the RER B Airport CDG 2 TGV and de-boarded at Luxembourg station from where I chose to explore the city on foot.  

Luxembourg station

It took me by wonderment that only tourists were wearing masks and the locals were as nonchalant as they can be. So, I maintained a distance from people whenever and wherever I could.

ON A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT NOTE, hands down it were the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen, and I say this when I’ve been to Milan, Como, Turin, Florence, Munich, Frankfurt, Prague, Faro, and Lagos. It was a once in a lifetime experience. It would have been better if the halt was a little longer, but as an old saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, sell them and buy a croissant.”

Walking by the river Seine

As I walked towards the Seine river, I realized how architecturally stunning and visually pleasing the city was. There weren’t the usual same old ugly looking modern straight towers with no life to them. It was a feast for the eyes.

Being a pedestrian-friendly city, like most of the prominent cities of Europe, you can travel most of Paris on foot and never get enough of what it has to offer.

It was an hour-long walk from Luxembourg station to Eiffel tower. The moment I saw it, I was mesmerized by the beauty of it. I got to know what the hype was all about and why people get all gooey and romantic when they hear about it. I was feeling it, I was living it. (except for the fact I was alone there.)

As I was grasping the essence of it, at least 8 people came to me to ask for some kind of donations. Abstain from these people, all they’ll do is try to empty your pockets. Unless you want to give some donations, go ahead!

When the afternoon approached, I stopped to have lunch at a Pizzeria and had one of the best pizzas.

After my belly was well pleased and my tongue got burnt because of extremely hot cheese (thanks Paris for such memorable moments), I headed towards the Louvre Museum. The iconic glass pyramid was as elegant in reality as it is in the pictures. I couldn’t enter the museum as you have to make reservations 1 month prior but being there in front of it was as good as it can be.

Random French buildings looking gorgeous

I was running short of time so I could only see one more landmark of Paris. So I decided to see the Arc de Triomphe which is the Triumph arch ordered by Napoleon to glorify the Grand Army and again, there’s isn’t anything in this city which looks less than magnificent. I took a lot of pictures and, with that, my day in Paris was over.

Arc De Triomphe

I can’t think much of what has not been already said about this city. I still have a lot more to explore and know about Paris, so being there for a week in the future is definitely on my bucket list. Till then, let’s stay home and take care of ourselves, of our mental health and stay safe. 😊

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