2020… the growth year.

If 2020 was a movie, I’d be a dull and unpleasant one to watch. It’s a rare happening where the whole humankind suffers at the same time. Everyone going through some kind of discomfort, together. We’re still midway through the year & it has been no less than a roller coaster ride.

There have been all kinds of dreadful events. Be it national issues or international, the list goes on; From the famous Coronavirus to the deaths of migrant workers, protests against racism, financial crisis, economic crisis, the growing depression, broken relationships, desperately climbing back to your ex to take you back, being home for an extended period (yes, stay there), and much more. It’s easy to get hopeless in these circumstances.

We have been dealing with two major issues. Let’s dive into them and see how we have been doing and how can we overcome those issues.


When it comes to dealing with oneself, it’s easy to get blinded and not see the awful parts of one’s behavior. Usually, we find a distraction to our problems and rarely encounter them in the isolation of our minds.

We go out, we drive ourselves into work, sign up for a TikTok account to gain more validation, or play games in excess to cut off from the real world. This year made us do something unusual, it left us with our fucking thoughts and forced us to introspect big time.

“For every problem, we find an equal and opposite distraction.”

-Sahil Sachdeva

The only distraction we have is our screens and no matter how entertaining and informative the internet is, it will get tedious and bothersome at some point. Engaging in the incessant noise of social media is a great way to avoid the quietness of our minds.

When there will be more time off social media, you’ll introspect about the most common events and your past behaviors which might have been normal or horrible, but it will help you grow and develop resilience. It’s important to be self-aware and improve the not-so-good parts. it’s not easy to question yourself and get answers too, it might be brutal but the objective is to be more honest to yourself. You are not alone who has sides of your behavior you don’t like. Everyone else is a little silly and that should be more liberating.

Old school knowledge


Most of the news around us nowadays is usually negative but you’re not obliged to consume it all. If you believe the news is taking up your mental peace, you should take some time off it. The boiling up negativity, not being able to distract ourselves from it, and unable to speak about it is becoming a major reason for depression, divorce, domestic violence, and whatnot.

But, if we take a digression from the negativity and shift our focus towards a positive perspective, it can benefit us a little. That perspective is about growth. We all know that we grow under tough circumstances.

The amount of discomfort that we have suffered in the last 3 months is not worthless at all. We will see prominent changes on individual levels and how we work as a society. Working from home made us and the companies realize that most of the work can be done remotely. The pandemic will drive the companies to promote work from home.

Nobody ever grew the fuck up sitting on the couch binge-watching and asking your mom to give you a glass of water, do it yourself. The point is to take some action.

I know how much how I have been with myself in the past 3 months and how easy it is to have a breakdown in a foreign land without your friends and family but these situations have made to more tolerant of difficult situations more than ever. Your attitude and reaction to the external forces will define you.

We build resilience when we go through some tough situations. What these extreme environments do to us is, it makes us think and take an action towards the change. Either behavioral or societal. When we move out of our comfort zone and do something different, it satisfies us.

I know how much I’ve been with myself in the last 3 months and it’s easy to have a breakdown in a foreign land without your friends and family but these situations have made me more tolerant of difficult situations more than ever. Your attitude and reaction to the external forces will define you.

As we can see the vaccine is nowhere to be seen anytime soon, which means that we all will be stuck home for a more extended time which can lead to even more unforeseen problems. We better prepare ourselves for the worst.

Humanity will move towards a change; positive or negative. People will advance towards progress, some of them will reach their breaking point and others will be resilient, becoming stronger and more tolerable to tougher situations. This works differently for everyone. Some might go into depression and for those, please reach out to some friend or family member or a professional, but this is the time where we all have to be kind to each other instead of being our regular selves, IE, awful beings.


Image credit – https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/329053

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