How we try to take control of the situation and are not always good at it.

As we are in the midst of a once-in-a-century crisis, one thing it should do is, it should make us question more. It should make us question what are we and what have we done? Have we made any judgment giving it a single thought or are we doing everything mindlessly?

One thing about critical times is that it reflects upon us. It provides us a spectacle of how good or bad we are at keeping ourselves relaxed and controlled. Good times make us blind to reality. It makes us, how do I put it deliberately, an asshole. But terrible times can make us recognize that we are nothing. We really cannot control anything around us. We are driven by some occult force, not only today but from billions of years and we are just a tiny fraction of it. Nothing is in our hands but to keep ourselves sane, we make us believe that we are in full control of the condition.

For example, let’s take our current situation. Now, human psychology is in such a way that we ache to feel like we are in charge of external circumstances even when we are not, and for that when the government announces that there will be a month-long lockdown, what we do? We go out to buy 400 rolls of toilet paper. Does it make any sense?

No, we recognize that we cannot survive the lockdown with such an enormous amount of toilet paper rolls unless we eat, drink, shit them out, and then clean that shit with that toilet paper. So is the case with hand sanitizers, masks, gloves, and other essential products. No shit, it went out of stock in no time. If someone wanted to buy in limited quantity, after seeing other people buy in bulk, they panicked too and purchased everything in abundance.

No, I am not saying that we should not buy all this, but buying all this in large amounts just proves how selfish we are and how we don’t give a fuck about other’s requirements in the time of crisis. From time to time, the government comforted its people that there will be no curtailment of any essentials but still our psychology kicks in and makes us think-even under this uncontrollable, unknown circumstance, we should activate our long-known crisis-coping-mechanism and just buy insane amounts of essentials. We love to take charge of the situation.

Coming back to question more. For such a long-time in-home quarantine, it is pretty much clear now that no matter how much we buy, we need limited essentials and still, we can survive this pandemic. If the number of deaths around us doesn’t make us humbler and more empathetic towards other people then what will? A single thought we are a part of this race and it can happen to us too is enough to keep us down to earth and compassionate. Everyone is having their problems too, the least we can do is humble, be a good listener, and stay real towards them instead of giving them sugarcoated positive affirmations.

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