Hope is our only choice.

Since the circumstances are this much miserable; it is principal that we don’t create more problems than we already have. Between the fear of damaging our physical health by being a sluggish lad and the rise of our inner MasterChef during this period who frequently cooks and rarely exercises, it’s essential to keep in check that mental health graph too.

No, I will not tell you how to take care of your mental well-being, that’s a subject for another article may be, for now, how about we talk about the time to come and keep our hopes alive? Come, join this ride in the outlook about how things might change after this, and leave your comments about what you would do.

Imagine this now, it is 30th of June (2020 by the way) and the Lockdown is over! Really? Yeah! Slowly and gradually you’ve reached there, it’s the day you decide you’ll meet your loved ones and as you step outside, you see people on the street, there is a sense of normalcy, not like the old times, but people with masks, gloves and maintaining social distance. It’s a unique sight, however, you are as cheerful as you can be amid the mayhem, everyone is excited, smelling the smell of freedom as if they’ve been released from some prison sentence.

Many are out to catch up with their buddies, boyfriends/girlfriends, cousins and relatives (that last one is false). You see them; you feel immediate contentment because seldom you get a chance to be a hero where you save the world by being home. You did it! You stayed at home; you helped in breaking the chain. You feel satisfied. You go on a long drive, you have lunch or dinner or window shopping, you head over to your desired local bar or coffee shop which has been your hangout spot and you converse about how the last few months sucked and how the world will function differently. How everything from this moment will be a fresh start, as if someone has pressed a reset switch of the planet, but you were psychologically and emotionally powerful enough to get through all of this, I mean, duh! What option did you have other than staying mentally strong?

Sounds great, right? It does, and this is how things should turn out to be. We all must stay hopeful during this time even though that is the hard thing to do keeping the circumstances in mind. However, looking at the big picture, we should stay hopeful, yet smart because most of us will have FOMO. No, this is not the FOMO you are familiar with, this will be Fear Of Moving Out. Yes, new situations require new definitions. We’ve already given up so much, so it won’t bother us much if we won’t go for some more time. Even after the government would uplift the ban, it will be our responsibility to not act like a maniac to go out and party like a Rockstar, or travel or do anything silly that can make the situation even worse. The least we can do is stay safe and keep others safe too.

Image credit – https://www.wired.com/story/laurie-penny-on-hope/

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