Areas to improve in quarantine

Hello, readers! Here I’m again with the series on quarantine content. Today, we would talk about the extent of improvement in quarantine. Often we get the time to introspect and look into our internal distress; often, we snub our emotions, try to divert ourselves from them, and we run off from them. We do such things assuming they won’t catch up, but we overlook that they are a part of us, and we can’t run away. Be it a personal issue or a problem with a mate or a spouse, it is an opportunity to fix it up. No wonder we have learned to bottle up our sentiments so strongly, even a thought confronting them frightens us.

You know what follows when you attempt to contain something for a prolonged period; it comes out like an outburst, hurting people all around you. I suppose this will be a significant test for our friendships and connections. Either you will come out of this tougher than ever or you will never talk again. I know this appears a little extreme but think about it. If you have any issue and you know you have been putting it off for a long time, you must solve it and if things aren’t going so well in this period, then I’m sorry to break it up to you, it ended way before you even knew. We attempt to control these vile emotions to guard ourselves but this is as efficient as planting a time bomb inside a cars’ trunk; it will blow up, destroying everything.

But there’s a twist in the tale.

Improvement is not something that everyone considers a need to make. People mindful of their imperfections or their bond are the people who can advance. There is always a scope for growth and this should be the vision towards life, especially towards yourself because if you are conscious of own flaws and not trying to improve, then it is self-righteousness. The only way to self-growth is through constant evaluation, being aware of your shortcomings, and improving on them.

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