Lesson 101 – How to save yourself from toxicity

Many times in life we aren’t aware of the storm ahead of us. We tend to ignore the signs because our mind by default thinks about the short term results and consequences of a situation.

Most of the times we fail to look how a person might affect us in long term because we ignore their mistakes in short terms. How addictive or indifferent they can become over a period of time.

You can never predict in what sense they’ll change, but with time they do and it changes everything between those two individuals. And it applies to everyone of us.

People can become assholes. They can become what they’re not. You expect something from them, they expect something from you, and then they screw up everything in such a way that there isn’t much left to do or say.

These kind of behaviours can only be seen if you’re close to someone because people who aren’t close to you, you don’t give a fuck about them and neither they do. You carry on with your own lives and so they do.

But the people close to you are the ones who might do the real harm. Who can become assholes. In most the cases when the person becomes an asshole, things usually end. They’re never the same that they used to be because it creates a deep crack that can’t be filled again. Maybe if you used to understand each other in past, things might get better but mostly they never do.

So, what to do when a person becomes an asshole?

Should you stop talking to them?

Should you stop seeing them?

Should you stop hanging out with them?


If they’re assholes once, they can be assholes again. And it can be toxic for you. So, it’s good to let them be toxic and not let their toxicity affect you.

Yes, you’ll be hurt but again, don’t let your short term brain take away the logic from you and fool you that things can be better. No they won’t. But in long term you’ll be jubilant that you threw them out of your lives. You’ll be thanking yourself for taking a stand.

So, if you know such person, you’re smart enough to know what to do with them.

IMAGE SOURCE – https://nationalmarker.com/product/dangerous-label-4281/dl160alv/

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  1. “They’re never the same that they used to be because it creates a deep crack that can’t be filled again.” I totally agree with this line because it is hard to find the people who can fill those holes. :p XD


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