Hello reader.

Hope you’re having a great day, if not then I want to say if not now, then really soon, everything will be just fine.

Priorities. Not a difficult word to understand but difficult to implement. For me at least. Maybe for you too, maybe you’ll connect to me. Maybe you won’t.

But many times we tend to misjudge things. We think about things in a certain manner but they turn out to be a contradiction of our thoughts. Bummer.

We believe in something, we love it. It can be anything, be it a person, some activity, some instrument, any passion or hobby. We can give priority to anything and anyone we want. Sometimes we do it right, sometimes it backfires and we sit there wondering where did we go wrong.

Well, that’s when we realize that priorities aren’t set just like that. Like anything in life, it comes from our experience. We learn what can be and should be our priority. Not just we learn it once, but it’s a continuous process of learning, re-learning and re-wiring your brain and training it to give importance to things that really matter. Sometimes we make the wrong decisions in that process, but don’t worry! Failing is the part of a long journey. If something goes wrong today, it can be fixed if you have a growing and fixing mindset.

A misjudged priority is a key part of our lives so we can give it a thought before we can prioritize anything else again.


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