The social media detox


So, a few days ago, like every other day, my morning started with turning on the wifi and expecting to get tons of notifications from different apps, I realized this isn’t normal, but I ignored the thought and went on with my day.

As the days passed, thanks to Apple, in iOS 12 they brought a feature called Screen time which tells you about your phone usage. For how long you used it, which app you used for the most time and how many times you picked up your phone. So, today when I opened the app and saw the stats, I wasn’t impressed. IMG_6389

Then, around 9pm, I came across a Youtube video suggestion about social media detox and went on with watching 2-3 such kind of videos and thought, why not?

With social media, my life is pretty normal and maybe without it, it might get better.

After that, I decided about the detoxification and stopping myself from getting addicted to the notification sound from any social media app and stop the supply of dopamine to my brain. I didn’t even realize how normally I was unlocking my phone and starting to jump from one app to another with no purpose and scrolling endlessly. I felt freaky.

Hence, here I’m, completely cutting off from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, google plus for a month now.

I’m gonna write about the end result after a month for sure. Till then, Adios. 


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