Female And Fitness

Being fit is always in fashion. Fitness is not just a characteristic of a person, it is a lifestyle. And without any uncertainty: The Best Lifestyle. A fit and healthy body speaks for itself. To function properly in day to day life, or to be up for an adventure. Being fit is the first thing to pack.

Fitness is not something that’s gender restricted. Any human being’s first priority should be to have a fit mind and body. When we talk about fitness and ‘females’, we are somewhere comparing female fitness with male fitness. Though fitness is equally important for men too, but being a female in this world automatically grants a little more responsibility.

Women are generally too occupied taking care of others to take care of themselves. Need for fitness is about a huge concern for females as they have a biological and also social responsibility. Overall fitness includes factors such as correct diet, proper workout, hygiene and  emotional well being. When it comes to female fitness and workout, keeping in mind their  obligations, the need for them to be fit  obviously increases and it becomes a necessity for them to be fit, mentally and physically. Females have lesser muscles and their fat accumulate more than men.

But women get involved in and enjoy dance based activities with toning and flexibility. Men are more interested in working out but females have holistic approaches to fitness. Being physically fit and mentally sound is directly proportional, and vice versa. The mind depends on a healthy body and the body depends on sound mind.

The process of fitness starts with realizing the need to be fit, it comes from within. The necessity of being fit and strong. Women need to take fitness seriously and take out ‘ME’ time out of their routines. Proper working out includes lifting, cardio and so on. Running, aerobics even yoga is wonderful for women. And of course proper and balanced diet, and a positive mind contributes in keeping females fit.

People have different lifestyles. And the life of females mostly is very hectic, which generally becomes  the reason for females to avoid fitness and workout due to time constraints. This is the most  incorrect thing to do. Leading a hectic life automatically increases the need to pay proper attention to physical well being to a huge extent. As mentioned earlier, body and its fitness are first priority in life for every human which needs to be realized by each and everyone, especially females as soon as possible. Everything comes later, because if you have a fit body, you have the power to perform more tasks.  Women tend to neglect their health and fitness, it in actual sense, is a Blunder.

Only generations which are fit and healthy can give rise to sound future. And contribution of women in supporting life starts with producing offsprings. Which makes their role superior and need for them to  be fit greater. Not just reproduction, but contribution of women in every field is marvelous, from being home makers to being on the top of corporate hierarchy. Women make work done. And for them to be fit is a necessity.

IMAGE SOURCE- http://topxbestlist.com/female-fitness-models/

Credits – https://jhaananya.wordpress.com/

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