Fight or Flight.

There happen to be many times in life when we hold on to something or some people even when we should let it go. It’s a messy part where we have to decide what to let go and what to hold on. It requires individual decision making power and its more of a subjective knowledge. Sometimes, not everything we have is ours forever. We tend to lose things. At times people leave. Occasionally awful experiences happen.

We should never underestimate the power of a bad experience. A bad experience is as important as a good experience. Unless you’ll know what defeat tastes like, how would you know what being victorious is, where you need to head up in life and who deserves to be a part of your journey? Many times in life you need to be realistic and practical to cope up with the situations. To survive.

Yes, false experience hurts and sometimes it’s a tough task to get out of it, but eventually life WILL GO ON. The clock will continue to ticktock, but, it won’t stop, for anyone. Either we will go against the time and make ourselves miserable or we can go with the flow, which is also not the perfect way to get out of  hardships. If we take the latter way, we’ll be consciously happy, something that is temporary, eventually we’ll be crying our heart out because in our subconscious and unconscious mind, that incident is still present. We consider it the easier way to distract ourselves from something as compared to facing it.

As every single time letting go isn’t an option, so is not holding on. But what is worth keeping and fighting for will get you through those adversities. It has the power to get you out of it.

So, the point is to express that there is no easy way, no shortcut to get out of hardships. Of course, distraction can make it go temporarily, but once in a while we need to introspect.

Never hold on to an awful experience. What is meant to stay will stay, and sometimes we need to fight for it!




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  1. This is one of the best writings of this page. Actual wisdom comes with learning to hit a balance between hardwork and destiny. Its somewhere between ;
    ‘ if you want it, fight for it’ and ‘what is meant to be, always finds a way’.
    Keep it up.


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