One step can make a difference

When was the last you did something for yourself? Tried to bring out the best version of you? Though all we want is to make ourselves better and improve all the time but are too indolent to take a step.

We’re in a generation where if possible, we would have just skipped life and accomplish our dream in a fraction of second. The haste leads us to nowhere: it’s important to realize that nothing could be attained effortlessly. We need to take our asses out and work the hell out of it to make our lives just like how we dream it to be. All we should do is, go step by step and all that we do is, expect an instant result which is just unthinkable and unachievable.

When we dream big, we need to have the nerve to believe that it can be achieved no matter what others believe. What can be the best way to work for our dreams? Just one step at a time. No big rush, though. Slow is better because hurry, always mess things up. When the expectations are lower, the happiness is more when it is achieved.

Planning is necessary, but depending on the plan and not thinking the other way round will definitely disappoint us. We should not be too reliable and rigid with the plan, we need to understand if something goes wrong, it’s okay. When we are going step by step, we are bound to make mistakes ! But not taking any step or having unreasonable expectations is always more horrifying.

So, take one step today! One step towards your goal.


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