A thousand thoughts…

When was the last time you had no thought in your mind and you were empty minded for a while? Wasn’t that feeling amazing? We humans claim that we are thinkers but the reality is we are over thinkers! We think way too much, more than required, more than enough. We never rest our minds, we always keep it busy, don’t we? Do you feel it is correct to keep our mind so busy all the time? Either we are with people, or enjoying with technology.

Personal issues and ego battles lead to so much of irrelevant thinking and it’s a fact, whenever we think more than necessary we start to think negative, which takes too much of mental energy and we get mentally tired. Isn’t it crucial to give rest to something that takes up all the pressure of your thoughts? A thousand thoughts are always there in our mind, just thinking and thinking and thinking! Ugh !

It’s not like I don’t do all that but something happened. It was one chilly winter night, I went to my balcony, dead silence. Just the chilly breeze and the grasshopper or some night beetle sound and I just stood there for a while, with an empty mind. No thought process, no regret of past, no anxiousness of tomorrow, just enjoying that silence, away from humans, the breathing sound and too much of calmness. It’s not like we should not keep our mind busy, but once in a while, it’s way too important to be empty minded, with no thousand thoughts.

There’s no end to these thousand thoughts but all we can do is, take out a little time for ourselves and be disconnected from the world and connect with our inner self. Thoughts are never ending, sometimes we need to put an end to thoughts for some time.

Have an empty mind 😀

[IMAGE SOURCE– http://www.123rf.com/photo_16355774_mind-thoughts-info-text-graphics-arrangement-and-words-cloud-concept.html]

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