Let us breathe

You know you’re living in the “Severe” air quality zone when you are trying to breathe through dense layer of smog and striving for fresh air. The current air quality will only bring respiratory and heart diseases in long term and will irritate your throat and eyes. Yes, the Air Quality here in New Delhi has broken all the records and is on hazardous levels with (particulate matter) PM2.5, tiny particles that can enter deep into the lungs, were recorded  at level of 999 micrograms per cubic meter In Anand Vihar, the sponsor of Air Pollution, which is 15 times more than the safe limit of 60 micrograms. To the entire crackers enthusiasts, thank you for worsening the situation and to all of you who did not burn crackers, thanks to you all too. The (Air Quality Index) AQI was already “Very Poor” pre Diwali when the crackers enthusiasts intervened and the AQI reached from “Very Poor” to “Severe” with PM 2.5 recorded 886 on Diwali to 996 micrograms per cubic meter post Diwali. Not just the dense layer of smog is making people unhealthier but the visibility level here has come down to 50 meters only at some places. Delhi is choking not just because of Diwali crackers but many other factors put icing on the cake. With PM 10 level reaching 1,680 micrograms per cubic meter which is 16 times more than safe limit of 100 micrograms.

Punjab and Haryana’s crop burning add more to the pollution with 12 million tons of crop being burnt. Smoke enters states to worsen their AQI too.

Emergency meetings are held by the government. This is worst Air Quality Delhi has seen in 17 years. Children are more prone to respiratory diseases.

Is this what we want? Do we want our next generation to breathe this poisonous Air?

Its high time that the government should take some long term steps for the betterment of Delhi’s AQI.


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