Something you found

Our life is mostly spent in finding things. Not always it will be something fancy or luxurious, it may be valuable or something practical and not dreamy. Not always it will be materialistic, it maybe a person, a reality of yours or something you did not want to know. You will find things, sometimes expected, sometimes unexpected |sometimes intentionally, sometime unintentionally | sometimes desirable, sometimes non desirable.

But despite the circumstances, YOU WILL FIND! The process won’t stop, ever. Some findings excites you, some shocks you, some surprise you, some leaves you thinking, some depresses you and some fills you with joy. Not everything can be found easily, the process of finding is also full of experiences and memories. If it concerns yourself, then you may have to go deep down to the inner version of you, to know more about yourself and you’ll find something you didn’t know about yourself.

I believe it’s the most interesting factor of life, you never know what it may present you the next moment. It can make you a millionaire, it can give back something you lost, some findings may upset you, but you should be bold and strong enough to deal with it. You need to explore yourself, different people, different places and several situations because then you find things which are most real.

Something you found, maybe you don’t value it now, maybe you’ll value it later never but findings are like lessons to be remembered. You should never forget what you found, whatever you’ll find, it’s written and you found it for a reason only. It must be having some reason, anything you find, value it, respect it; you may not have it tomorrow.

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