Give a try, before concluding.

Many of us are afraid to even take a step, an initiative. We are over thinkers. We conclude the results even before trying, which is wrong if we Realize. Why are we like this? As many of us consider ourselves too perfect, we are not afraid of trying! No. We are afraid of failure, we fear rejection, and we fear listening “NO”. And really, we are not fond of hearing a no; it directly strikes our ego, our self esteem. Think about it, is it really worth to give up upon something even without putting an effort? We are happily living the societal “norms”. We are following the rule book, the fundamental guidelines provided to us. It’s almost impossible to work against it, to do something unique and not to follow the norms.

The only point here is, we should at least try, what happens next will happen, but we can’t fear the conclusion without even reaching there. Mental conclusion has killed many ideas, innovations, emotions, feelings, desires and needs. Sometimes we not even put an effort, why? Because in our mind it’s already a bad idea, a rejected proposal and a dismissed notion.

Argument remains the same, until you’ll ask, answer will always be no. So, basically you killed your self esteem in your mind even without trying. Hah.

Go ahead; take a step towards what you feel is right, for yourself, for society or whoever may it concern. A famous quote says –

“As you start to walk out the way, the way appears”

The moments you’ll decide to take a step, the way will appear automatically, you’ll get the clarity.

IMAGE SOURCE – [’s-March]

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