And before you know it, you’re a grown up

The time when you had no fears of tomorrow, no regrets of past. Just the need and want to live the present, to feel the present. To enjoy every moment of it. When we had no idea where we’re heading and weren’t under constant pressure of running in a blind race where you keep running but have no idea what’s your destination. Those were the simpler times. Where we could lie all day in bed and people said “how cute they look while sleeping”. The time when everyone loved you and your innocence did not let you discriminate in making friends. When you did not think much about consequences and just did what you felt right. Everyone was equal for you. Everyone was up to play.

Then suddenly,BOOOM! We grew up. Innocence. Simpler times. Carefree life. All gone. You were prepared for the race and were put in the ground to run, and just run until you die. You were prepared not to stop even for a single second. You grew and your roles were assigned to you.And here we are now, here I’m now. Writing about all those beautiful times and feeling nostalgic. *goes into the corner and cry*. At least then people cared when you cried, now nobody does. We have learnt to cry on the inside. It’s good to be on our own, but the freedom we have is defined by everyone around us. Just running after dreams, love, jobs, money and just the wants which has no end.

The innocence of the childhood has been gradually moulded into the set structure of growing up. We are not free to feel and react.

So, don’t let what you actually feel be just inside you. Like how we did in childhood, Just Go For It. For what you, yourself want and feel the most. Enjoy the life now, live in the moment, only that matters.

A quote by Rebecca Carroll said-

“A pony is a childhood dream, a horse is an adult treasure”

Like, share and comment down your childhood memories and how you changed from then to now.

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