Who am I?

We sometimes underestimate our ability to work and do stuff, to handle important matters, which is erroneous. No one is stronger than you. You are your in charge. Only you can make yourself happy and your happiness is in your hands. You don’t have to be dependent on anyone for your contentment. If you do, it means you’re giving someone else the authority to decide your mood and mental state.

A famous inspirational quote says-

“No one is you, and that is your power”

Of course some people can affect your life. Your mood may depend on them, you may rely on them for your happiness but even they can’t make you happy if you choose not to give that person a power to decide your happiness, but in the end what you have is you. Your individuality is your power. Nobody can be YOU. You are here to serve a purpose. Whoever, be it a beggar or a businessman, everyone is here to serve a purpose. They’ve been assigned a role to play in this world and every human being matters. You’re not less than anyone. You may not have a lot of money, but the hard work and efforts never goes in vain. What’s underneath you will give you the power to take strong decisions.

What are you made up of? How you want your life to be? How strongly you make decisions? These things matters a lot in being yourself and knowing “Who am I?” Walking with the crowd can lessen your individuality, choose the less taken path. Choose something that’s not been touched.

Being ordinary has never been a trend, everyone desires to leave a mark on world and be remembered As you grow up, you realize there’s more within you. You mature, your thinking changes, your journey becomes more meaningful. As soon as you’ll know “Who am I?” You’ll start living a great life and have the feeling of satisfaction.

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