Whom to blame? Ourselves or the situation?

There are always two ways to react to a situation, either positive or negative.

We people act weird sometimes. If our life is good, its because of Us or Me or We, but if something bad happens, we put the blame on situation or circumstances. I mean only we are responsible for our own actions, nobody else is. Why people are generally ready to take credit for good outcome but not ready to take responsibility for the bad ones? Kind of strange, isn’t it? A famous quote says-

You are always responsible for how you act, no matter how you feel. Remember that

The second we succeed or achieve something our ego boosts and we start to brag about ourselves but any failure caused is only because of bad luck. We just don’t want to feel bad about ourselves, I mean who does? But at least have a decency to accept that your failure, your defeat. We are too self esteemed to accept that “I’m responsible for this bad outcome and whatever’s happening with me”. No. We can’t even think of saying that. Either we’ll take credit for good or won’t take responsibility, we’ll just don’t feel bad about ourselves.

But, if we try to understand why human beings accept only the good.. Maybe its because that’s what they want. Everyone intends to get good, everyone wants only good to happen to themselves. They plan everything for their own good and if otherwise happens to them, they just cannot accept it. About others, us wishing good or bad for others won’t generally make a difference in their lives. But for ourselves we feel successful when good happens and if good doesn’t happen it is because of the so called circumstances.

Putting the blame on situation is not the solution.It’s better to accept your failure with maturity and work even harder, so you again can take credit for the good outcome.

Why not give credit to situation for good outcome?

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