Hypocrisy towards animals.

We’re cruel beings. And hypocrisy lies within us. When it comes to animals, we’re a little bit more hypocrite. Animals are meant to be loved. Who decides which animal to love and which to serve as a meal? It’s an arduous question but not the answer, its our mind, human mind who decides which animal to love and which to eat. A famous quote by Henry Spira said-


Sad that we can’t be same with all the animals. What we feel right we do it and that too in the most hypocrite manner. Here in India people now-a-days are showing more affection towards dogs. Of course dogs are lovely creature but from past few days, people are doing stupid stuff with dogs like throwing them off second floor or burning them alive. It’s sad and people usually have angry reactions towards those kinds of people. But what we don’t see is, a dog’s life is important. Every living being’s life is important. Then why pay extra attention and punish offenders who are cruel towards dogs, whereas we love eating chicken, meat, beef, lamb and what not. So those animals tastes delicious to your buds so you eat them but if someone do something to a dog, it becomes a new article. A social media rush to find the person who hurt that dog. find them and arrest them.

When Yulin dog meat festival began in 2016, huge media coverage was given to it all over the world and the festival was criticized by animal rights activists but when Eid is celebrated here and thousands of goats are butchered for human consumption then it’s not much of a crime. Of course every animal’s life is important and obviously this one article won’t affect the hypocrites, there are maybe millions of article like this but people never cared and never they will. Of course we can’t tell people not to kill animals, I mean its pretty obvious they won’t stop and will continue to do their own work, but let’s not be hypocrite towards animals at least. They deserve a life like all other living beings. They weren’t born to be eaten. So, let’s do one this at least, not be hypocrites and love all animals equally.

Leave down your comments what you feel about animal hypocrisy.

IMAGE SOURCE– [http://www.urecomm.com/hypocrites-are-everywhere-animal-lovers-are-no-exception/]

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