Creation or Destruction?

Some things in life are inter dependent. So is creation and destruction. Every act of creation is first an act of destruction and every destruction is a place for new creation. Interesting, isn’t it? Destruction is actually a form of creation. We create by destructing. Without destruction there cannot be any creation. And if we see, destruction is effortless but creation needs backbreaking work. And this theory works with almost every aspect of life. It takes years for a tree to grow but takes a few seconds to cut it down. Easy. There’s a fine line between creation and destruction but this fast moving time has made us blind and we’re unable to see what we’re destructing while creating. Today every invention is just to lessen the human efforts, that’s making us torpid. It’s changing young generation’s thinking methods, they’re more inactive and at a risk of getting obese. And the act of creation of smartphone is the act of destruction of society. And as I started this post with a quote of Pablo Picasso, it said-

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.

Fine words by him. I feel creation and destruction are important to us, otherwise things will be constant and regular, no change will happen. To bring something new, something old has to go, and in between that, the process of creation and destruction happens. That brand new piece of furniture you bought from the store, how is is created? By destructing the trees. Everyday thousands of cars are sold, your needs are fulfilled but at what cost? Polluting the environment, excessive honking and traffic jams.

A quote by Marquis De Sade says-

Destruction, hence, like creation, is one of nature’s mandates.

Creation and destruction works together. One can’t happen without the other.

Leave your comments what you think think about the creation and destruction.

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