Your Journey, Your way

Every Journey has experiences in it. You don’t know until you go on one. Until you travel, take a ride from one place to another. Every journey has a starting point and an ending just like ‘life’. We were born and someday we’ll die. What happens in between, what you experience, what you seek, what you learn, what you gain and what life teaches you  is what makes your journey different from others. No two persons can have same journey. Their destination can be same, but what they’ll go through and what they’ll learn would never be same.

This journey of yours, many will walk with you but nobody can walk it for you. You’re on your own. Your individuality is your power. How you tackle problems in your journey will make you aware of what lies within. And it’s good to travel. You get to know yourself.

A famous quote by David Mitchell says,


Every journey will teach you something. It may or may not be the perfect journey, it’s going to be full of adventure, ups and downs, joy. In the end, it’s your journey, your way . You’re the in charge of your journey, make it the best. Make it worth it.

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