We never appreciate what we have

I believe it’s human tendency not to appreciate what he already has. The current situation never satisfies him (I’m also included in the category of homo sapiens, so yeah, me too). Most of the times, either we are worrying about something that we haven’t lived yet-FUTURE, or we are feeling nostalgic about something we’ve lived-PAST. But PRESENT? Eh, who cares?

That happy family’s vacation picture you see on Facebook who put up their check-in every hour and upload pictures now and then captioned “fun time’ aren’t really having fun time. Here at your home you go nuts over their pictures, “Oh, they are having so much fun”, where on the other hand they are having disputes over where to eat dinner. You only see what they want you to see. So, the point of telling this, is that, yeah people do have fun on their vacations but most of the time it’s not much of a happy time. They don’t enjoy much and after few months they think, “Man, that was one good vacation! I miss it”. You did not enjoy when there was the moment to enjoy but feel nostalgic when you see the pictures.


Yes, that’s our problem. We think we have time. We have plans for life. We think first we’ll earn then we’ll live but when we earn  enough to live and enjoy, its already too late. It’s better to start living in the present. Understand the value of present. Appreciate what we already have and be satisfied with it.

today-is-a-giftMany people will agree to this post, won’t you?

3 thoughts on “We never appreciate what we have

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  1. I do agree with this blog and I must say its real coz when we actually having fun with our family, we don’t have time to update a damn yelling status “Having fun with family”.
    Continue updating more :*

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