As furious as calm they seem: clouds

Clouds are not something we’ll give a special attention to or think in particular. But clouds are interesting more than you think. It’s something noticeable. The different patterns, textures makes them an alluring thing to look at. And the patterns in cloud are different to everyone, why? The level of imagination! Different people having different mind, different mindset, different experience, so it basically leads to different level of imagination and different views of looking at them.

On a hot summer day, clouds are tranquil, calm and good to look at. Look at them on pre-rain or post-rain hours, when the sun slowly slowly comes up and mixes up with clouds, changing the sky to yellowish-orange color, oh, that’s one hell of a view of clouds. I mean the creation of god-NATURE, is something that always amaze you. Be it clouds, trees, beaches, mountains and much more. Just like in the picture, the pattern of clouds is something which you can glare at for hours. Nature is what we all have in common. Some people admire it, some ignore it but they are always there. They can be as furious as calm they seem. And if we focus a bit,then most of the things in nature are SIMPLE, YET BEAUTIFUL. Clouds? Simply mass of condensed water vapors floating in the atmosphere but, pleasing as heaven.

So, embrace the beauty of clouds. A beautiful quote says- ” THE CLOUDS ARE IMPROVISING, BUT THE CULPRIT IS THE WIND”. 

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