Connect it.

Yes, connection. The bond, the link. It’s not something we are not familiar with. It’s just, the meaning of connection is different now. People are connected, but through the social media. Yes, it’s the technology that is keeping us connected. We have literally forgotten to meet people outside the virtual world. A fellow person sitting in one country can talk to anyone around the globe only using the Internet. We can chat, video call and what not? Have the application installed and you’re ready to go!

Does this technology has it’s roots much deep that we forgot to meet people in reality? In the pursuit of having large numbers of friends online, we have become technological slave and have buried the idea of meeting people in real life. It’s just an easy way of boosting up your ego to have thousands of friends, hundreds of likes. No body knows how sad the person is, just put up a grinning selfie and that’s what people know about you. No body knows the real feeling in this virtual world. They will talk, they will pretend to care, they will sympathize but in hard times none would help. People having a real ‘connection’ to you are the one who will really help.

So, drag your feet outside, meet new people and do real things. That’s the only experience that counts.

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