Change it.

CHANGE, alteration, modification. Make it better or worse, but change it. Life is too short to sit at one place and to be stable.

Most people are not a big fan of change. They want to stick to the routine, but the truth is change is inevitable. Change is the law of nature. People cannot give up what they have. They resist change. They don’t see what they will gain.
If you can’t change yourself and can’t adapt to new situations then maybe you would be having difficulty living this life.
Look around you, you’ll see change everywhere. Infant turning into an adult, seeds turning in tree, one moment it’s the unpleasant sun, the other moment there are drops of joys, Rain.
I mean just have a look how the time has changed from past. What we were before 14 billion years ago, today we are not.
The whole world has changed. we have the technology. The people, places, mindsets and everything has been alternated in one or the other way.
Day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is changed.
So, be bold and stop having timid responses towards change.

What do you think this world would be if anything is not changing?
Leave your comments.

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