How to tell good stories?

He also said we should be more compassionate (or even pitiful) towards people whose actions go wrong. Tragedy reminds us we are not protected by some walls and keeps us to the ground. Our happy emotions make us fly, but Tragedy brings us to the ground. 

12 things 2021 taught me (or us)

2021 for most of us, was like a cute puppy that we brought home expecting we'd put Instagram posts about it, earn a shit amount of money and followers. But before you knew it, that puppy was eating your expensive dress, pooping on your carpet and not listening to you like your friends.

How to not be repulsive to change

A massive chunk of the population is reluctant to change.  These people resist switching jobs, changing cities, dumping that toxic partner, and changing the sofa after it’s been broken five times because they had steamy pillow fights on it, which still reminds them of their golden days.  They repel change; they resist change and run away from it. 

The confidence paradox

The confidence. Or lack thereof. People with half-truths are far more confident than those aware of all the sides of a story. What mind trick is it? Or is it something natural? As my favorite quote goes, "fools and fanatics are always so confident of themselves and wise people so full of doubts." You must... Continue Reading →

Adulthood roleplaying 

All our lives are spent trying to figure out the reason why we even came here. We didn't come here by choice, and at least not our choice. Someone got super emo about not having a baby, and boom, you're here. Now they don't have FOMO anymore and you have Pythagoras theorem to understand. 

A meaning for everything?

Just like any other 24 year old, the feeling of being confused unites us like the opposite poles of a magnet. Many of my days are spent thinking about what am I even doing.  Sometimes when I get time with my thoughts, I think about exploring and doing all the things in the world in the least time possible. Thats what capitalism does, make you feel kind of worthless for not knowing enough, not doing enough, not exploring enough. It’s never enough. 

For taking things personally

Since the day we’re born, our parents revolve their life around us, and we are given way too much importance (maybe not with everyone), but the day we end up in the real world, we realize we’re not that special anymore. 

Roadtrip to Portugal

consume like a freshly made salad but it ends up being that big fat chicken burger with extra cheese and fries which we regret the minute we finish it. We think it’ll change our lives but we continue with our own bullshit because everyone’s self discovery journey isn’t a literal journey involving a trip.

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